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Greetings Newgrounders!

2011-02-14 20:44:46 by vevlaa

*COUGH*This user has not been scouted yet*COUGH*

Well, then I guess I should be making a News post for once (and probably last.... Yeh I'm too lazy)

So yeh I'm vevlaa, I'm really not into making flashes, I do however enjoy watching them.
I actually make karaoke, but because of legal reasons, I can't upload them here for yah. (and they aren't flashes either so...)


If you are reading this, that means that you probably have clicked something I have reviewed for whatever reason you may have.

Just a little disclaimer to myself. If my comments were insulting to you in any ways, please do not take any offence of it. I was most likely flaming the flash. If you are the author of said flash, Sorry But I deliver only the facts. Instead of hating me for it, Try and learn from it.